Custom Piano Music Composition & Arrangement Services

Bring a new dimension to your projects with Aliaksandr Mayerau, our accomplished pianist and composer. He offers comprehensive piano services that cater to a variety of industries, including solo artists, theatrical productions, and cinematic scores, as well as bespoke arrangements for performers looking to enhance their musical expressions.

“Aliaksandr is a phenomenal musician! He created a beautiful piece exceeding my expectations with minimal direction. I highly recommend him and look forward to collaborating again.”

“Absolutely blown away by ALIAKSANDR’s talent! He perfectly captured my vision with his impressive skills and quick turnaround. Can’t wait to work together again!”

Meet the Maestro: Aliaksandr Mayerau

Trained at the Belarusian State Academy of Music, Aliaksandr’s extensive 15-year experience informs every composition, allowing for a broad range of styles from jazz to contemporary and film music.

Whether you’re seeking a stunning solo for a concert performance, an evocative score for your latest film, or a meticulously arranged piece for a special event, Aliaksandr’s skillful touch on the piano keys can bring your project to life. He will translate your musical vision into a written masterpiece (or a live recording) with emotion and technical perfection.

We offer a full suite of piano music services tailored to meet your specific creative aspirations. Our process begins with an initial consultation to fully grasp your musical vision, leading to the crafting of emotive, original piano compositions. We provide a preliminary draft, inviting your feedback to refine and perfect the piece. Once complete, we deliver the final audio recordings along with professionally notated sheet music.

In addition to composition, our arrangement services work to enhance your existing music by analyzing, adapting, and orchestrating for solo piano, infusing your piece with fresh harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic elements. Revisions are a part of this collaborative journey, ensuring your complete satisfaction. For those needing precise piano transcriptions, we offer meticulous notation of melodies, chords, and rhythms, capturing the subtlest nuances of your performance and formatting them for print or digital use, with outputs available in PDF, and MusicXML.

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Asked Questions

Our expertise spans across classical, jazz, contemporary, and film music. We tailor each composition to align with the specific genre you require.

The timeline for receiving your composition can vary depending on the complexity and length of the piece. We typically provide an initial draft within two days after the consultation, with the final version following shortly after any revisions.

We’re committed to your satisfaction and offer revisions to ensure the final composition meets your expectations. The number and scope of revisions will be outlined in our initial agreement.

Yes, we can provide high-quality audio recordings of your piano compositions performed by Aliaksandr himself.

Absolutely. We encourage our clients to be as involved as they wish, providing input and feedback throughout the process.

You will receive audio files in your desired format (WAV, MP3, etc.) and sheet music in PDF and MusicXML formats for universal compatibility and MIDI file.

We need a clear recording of the piece to be transcribed and any specific instructions or preferences you may have regarding the notation.